Bible Studies

Why Bible Study?

A foundational resource for church renewal or transformation is the Bible, the Old and the New Testaments. Scripture is a primary resource for the church, written for the church’s learning. It has the power to shape the ongoing life, faith, and worship of God’s people. Bible study invites the church to be open and receptive to new insights, to new “instruction” about its identity and purpose.

All of our Bible studies are written from a missional perspective.  For us, this means studying scripture isn’t just an intellectual exercise, but a formational process that aligns us better with God’s mission.  Bible study is at the heart of all we do as it is an essential piece of congregational and organizational discernment. 

See below for a few of our most requested Bible studies. You can find all that we offer at our store found here.

A People of Salt and Light is a set of practical Bible study resources for a congregation to deepen its vision of God’s calling.  

This four session formational experience will enable your congregation to discover Jesus’ vision of community, share and test their own vision of their church’s future, and renew their understanding and experience of what it means to be the church

The Gospel of Mark

This five-session study covers the narrative flow of the entire Gospel of Mark.  Written by Inagrace Dietterich, this study is well-suited for bible beginners and experts alike.  Questions invite a group into a variety of ways of interpreting scripture, from narrative analysis to personal application.