What is consulting?

Our unique consulting focuses on designing and supporting processes of congregational formation and transformation.

We will help cultivate and celebrate the giftedness of your worshipping community for the sake of God’s mission, and encourage the seeking, and sharing of the gifts and capacities bestowed by the Spirit. Consultations introduce spiritual practices for discerning and participating in God’s mission that renew faith and life together.

Perfect for congregations seeking to:

  • Assess congregational strengths
  • Create plan for missional discernment
  • Navigate staffing changes with theological integrity
  • Build thriving and healthy teams

Center consulting is responsive to what you are discovering you need and what your church is ready for. We assist in assessing the now, identifying priorities, listening and responding to the Spirit’s leading in community, tailoring processes for development and growth as response to God’s calling.

Get in touch with us at ray@missionalchurch.org