Cultivating Really Great Teams

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This module will help you build strong and thriving teams in your context.  This resource contains thoughtful essays, practical worksheets, descriptive visuals, and more.  

Your purchase includes two hours remote coaching time with one of our coaches, a media toolkit with items to print and share digitally, and 50+ pages of guided PDFs that lead you through the following steps:

#1. Getting Started – great teams start off on the right foot and become increasingly fruitful in their work

  • Worksheets for first meetings together
  • Guidelines for forming a group covenant
  • Learning about decision making levels in the church

#2. How We Work Together – great teams develop collaboration and decision-making skills

  • Creating a climate that models Christian love
  • Team Development Checklist
  • Designing an effective team meeting

#3. Collaborating in the Body of Christ – great teams don’t work in isolation but together contribute to the church’s shared mission

  • Developing a church-wide priority
  • Implementing an annual cycle of planning and review

Upon purchase, you will receive a download with the PDFs and media toolkit in a zip file.  You will then be contacted via email with the contact information provided in checkout within three business days by one of our Center coaches.

To purchase the downloads without coaching time, see the product listed here.  To purchase the first meeting worksheets separately, see the product listed here.