Banishing Midnight Worries

Pastors balance an extraordinary number of demands. Throughout the pandemic this list has only grown. In just a week, a pastor might:

  • Be a public speaker
  • Act as a building manager
  • Offer social services
  • Manage social media and online services
  • Identify and select music for worship
  • Provide spiritual counsel

This is only to name a few! These competing roles can make for sleepless nights. It is impossible for one person to navigate and balance every task a pastor could do.

This is part of why the Center for Parish Development exists. At its heart, our work is to support the work of the church. It is important for there to be somewhere to turn when the middle of the night panic sets in. It’s important to know that you are not alone. Because who among us could manage all of these competing tasks?

This week, think if there is one part of your work that you can share with someone else. Maybe it’s another church leader, maybe it’s with an organization like the Center for Parish Development. Take a moment to remember that we are all human and cannot do it all.